You can find information, emotional support and practical advice, through this site and by calling our 24-hour helpline. If you’d like to talk with someone face-to-face, you can also call in to the Family Assistance Centre, in central London. Assistance is available for everyone affected by the London bombings of the 7th July

Coping with crisis

Catherine Russ is Head of Learning and Development for Victim Support London.

She is a trained trauma counsellor and managed a counselling service for several years. Catherine also volunteers for her local Victim Support Scheme. Here she explains how people may react to events such as the 7th July.

Feeling distressed

Anyone exposed to the recent London bombings may feel emotional effects. These responses are normal and are the mind’s way of trying to make sense and come to terms with what has happened.

Depending on your experience, your response in the first few weeks might include feeling afraid, sad, helpless, overwhelmed, angry, confused, numb or disorientated. Distressing thoughts and images can pop into your head. You may have disturbed sleep, insomnia or have nightmares.

Feeling anxious and in a low mood is normal.


The most helpful way of coping with an event like this is to be with people you feel close to and normally spend time with.

Cry if you need to. Letting feelings out is helpful in the long run. Ask for emotional and practical support from friends, family, your community or religious centre.

Although it may be difficult, try to return to everyday routines and habits, as they can be comforting. Look after yourself- try to eat and sleep well, exercise and relax.

Asking for help

If several weeks after the events you are experiencing difficulties, you can get in touch with us or your local GP.

Need to talk? Call our helpline (10am – 8pm weekdays and 10am – 5pm at weekends, including bank holidays):

Tel: (UK)

Find your local GP:

Tel NHS24: 0845 4647

for more information and advice about coping with crisis, call us. You can also download useful leaflets in our online resources section

Catherine Russ, Head of Learning and Development for Victim Support London
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