You can find information, emotional support and practical advice, through this site and by calling our 24-hour helpline. If you’d like to talk with someone face-to-face, you can also call in to the Family Assistance Centre, in central London. Assistance is available for everyone affected by the London bombings of the 7th July

Financial and legal help

London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund

The London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund has been set up to give financial help those affected by the bombings on 7th July 2005.

The Fund has launched four grant programmes:

  • in July and August 2005 giving interim help to the victims of the bombings
  • in September and November 2005 and again in March 2006 giving bigger grants to those worst affected by the attacks

In addition the Fund’s Trustees retain discretion to award charitable grants where applicants fall narrowly outside the requirements of its regular grants programmes.

The money from the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund cannot compensate the victims for what they have suffered. It is simply intended to help people to rebuild their lives following the tragic events of 7 July, whatever their needs may be. The main source of compensation for victims of the bombings is the government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

On 31 March 2006 the Fund stopped accepting new applications for grants because it believes that all those who are eligible, and who want to apply, have done so. However, the LBRCF may accept new applications from those it does not already know about after this date where there are special circumstances. The LBRCF can’t promise that it will be able to help in such cases but it will treat these applications with compassion and do what it can, depending on the funds it has available.

For more information visit:

Criminal Injuries Compensation

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) provides compensation to victims of violent crime on behalf of the British government. You may be able to receive CICA compensation if you are the immediate family of someone who died in the bombings, were physically injured or suffered trauma on the 7th July.

You can download a . Call the free CICA helpline on to order an application form or call in to the centre, where a CICA representative can help you.

Support with financial planning

Origen is a nationwide firm of independent financial advisers offering free financial advice to victims and their dependants.

A financial adviser authorised by the Financial Services Authority to give independent financial advice will:

  • Conduct a telephone or personal interview to ascertain your financial circumstances.
  • Provide recommendations that can be used with any other financial
    adviser, insurance company, accountant or law firm you may be in contact

This service will be without charge to victims of the 7th July bombings and their dependants.

You can contact a dedicated helpline number at Origen for more details

write to:

Make a donation

If you want to donate and help those affected by the London bombings you can do so by writing to LBRCF, 6th Floor, 6 More London Place, London SE1 2DA. Please send cheques or postal orders only (no cash) and make them payable to ‘The London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund’.

Legal help

The Law Society has launched a helpline for victims of the London bombings and their families. It will put you in touch with a solicitor who can give you free advice on a range of legal issues that you may have to face. These might include:

  • The scope of the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund
    (if a family is suffering from financial hardship)
  • Inquest/identification/death certificate issues
  • Compensation (criminal injuries)
  • Inheritance issues and probate
  • Property ownership/mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Welfare benefits
  • Family/child custody
  • Death in service/pension
  • Financial obligations/debt

To get in touch, just call us.


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