You can find information, emotional support and practical advice, through this site and by calling the helpline. If you’d like to talk with someone face-to-face, you can also call in to the 7th July Assistance Centre, in central London. Assistance is available for everyone affected by the London bombings of the 7th July

How can we help?

The 7th July Assistance Centre and helpline were set up immediately after the events as a single point of information and assistance for all those affected by the London bombings.

Support is available for all those involved in the London bombings, including partners and carers, as well as those involved in the recent bombings in Doha, Sharm El Sheikh, Turkey, Bali, Dahab and the shootings in Jordan. We are also supporting those affected by the recent boat disaster in Bahrain.

The centre and helpline are secure and private. You can get:

  • emotional support and advice
  • information about bereavement and further sources of support
  • assistance in making contact with appropriate agencies and resolving problems
  • multi-faith and multi-cultural support
  • financial and legal advice
  • complementary therapy, including aromatherapy, reiki, indian head massage and reflexology
  • group support
  • individual counselling
  • art therapy group work
  • moving on workshops

If you are coming to the centre from out of town you can get travel advice from TFL travel information

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